wc 1 WC (2007)

Dokumentation av installation/performance + ljudspår, 2 min 30 sek.

Jag placerade en telefon på en offentlig toalett. När någon gick in på toaletten meddelades jag om detta och jag ringde då till telefonen som var placerad där. Detta är vad man fick höra när någon lyfte på luren.

Oh, Hi

I have been meaning to talk to you, and now when I am catching you, when you have some time… I thought… well, I just need someone to talk to.

I feel so alone in this. I don’t know how to deal with him. I’m not used to someone who treats me the way that he does. It’s difficult, do you understand?

Whatever I do for him it’s wrong. He never gives me any credit for my good qualities. Everything is about him. All the time! Him Him Him Him …

Do you know what I mean?
It’s not so easy for me to be in this situation.
He must see how I feel? Right?!

I’m there for him all the time for Gods sake!! A thank you wouldn’t be to much to ask for. Right?! I have other things to do than to look after him all the time as his FUCKING SERVANT!

What would you have done?

You know, It burns like hell inside of me when he treats me like this. Don’t he understand that? Off course I know how difficult he’s had it, But, can that really be an excuse for how he can treat me? I don’t have it that easy myself! Of course I know that I can’t compare like that, And thank God I haven’t gone through the same difficulties as him.
But never the less. Is that really my problem?!

Hello?! Are you there?

Is it my responsibility to look after him just because I have been spared such things?
Is it suppose to be like that?

Sometimes I feel that it would have been nice to have his experiences just to get everybody’s sympathy.
For all I care they could treat me as a queen,

and I could just do my thing!

When we first met I had this fantasy about how we would take responsibility over our own lives. You know, Like mature grown ups. It felt so right to believe in that. Shouldn’t it be like that? What shall I do?

You’re so quiet. What do you think?

Sometimes I feel sorry for him and sometimes I think that he has to pull himself together and do something about it, and not let me take all the

Yesterday I had an outburst of emotions. I yelled at him, telling him that he is a FUCKING RIGID EGO!

He got all quiet … and I felt disgusted with myself not being able to handle it better.

God. It’s so difficult.

What shall I do?